1. To make an appointment, first write your request to via e-mail. Then fill in the form in the link specified in the e-mail sent to you. Our center thus follows the appointments in these two ways. If you just fill out the form, an appointment will not be made.
  2. Our appointments are usually filled 2-3 weeks in advance. Therefore, keep in mind that the most recent appointment can be scheduled to you for 2-3 weeks later.
  3. You must approve or reject the appointment suggestion made to you within 24 hours. Otherwise, the suggestion will be cancelled.
  4. The academic writing instructor who will proofread your work is determined randomly according to the distribution of appointments, not by preference.
  5. Just send us your work in a WORD format. No corrections are made on PDF or Latex format.
  6. If your work is ready, you must send it by e-mail when requesting an appointment, if not, at least 1 day before the appointment date.
  7. If you forget your appointment or cancel it on the same day, your next appointment will be scheduled at the earliest 30 days later.
  8. If the word count of your work is more than five thousand words, it will be sent to you with corrections within the next day, not on the same day.
  9. Immediately after your work is delivered to you, you must fill out the "Satisfaction Questionnaire" in the link sent. Otherwise, an appointment will not be scheduled for any work of which you are the author or one of the authors.
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