Application Activities

Application Activities
Academic writing centers provide one-to-one training and consultancy services for academic and professional writing needs. Our academic staff who come to the center have the opportunity to work one-on-one with experienced staff working in the center. During one-to-one counseling, our aim is to help our academicians improve their writing skills by providing the necessary knowledge and strategies on English academic writing skills, which are quite different from Turkish, and by increasing their awareness of their own writing processes. In this way, our academicians, who receive services from our center, have the opportunity to examine their draft texts with our expert staff and receive immediate and effective feedback and consultancy about their mistakes. In this context, all kinds of academic texts such as abstracts, articles, CVs, application letters written in English by our academic staff are arranged from a professional perspective. In addition, our center organizes an Academic Writing Skills Development Course and trains not only our university staff but also participants from all walks of life in English.

As Gazi University Academic Writing, Research and Application Center, it provides the following services to our academic staff free of charge in the field of academic writing:

  • Developing logical arguments
  • Writing effective thesis sentences
  • Writing effective main and auxiliary subject sentences
  • Benefiting from the writings of others
  • Quoting and explaining with other words
  • Effective use of resources
  • Reference writing
  • Protection from plagiarism
  • Start writing and planning
  • Brainstorming and exploring ideas
  • Writing congruent paragraphs
  • Linking sentences and ideas
  • Effective word selection
  • Sentence structure and mechanics
  • Punctuation
  • Review and editing skills and strategies
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